The Cosmic Seed

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The Cosmic Seed

The Cosmic Seed is the autobiography of Henry Edward Webster. His fascinating tale of alien abduction, discovery, conflict and enlightenment is told in three parts.

Your voyage through The Cosmic Seed is a trek into an often violent and horrific world. At times it can be intellectually disturbing and challenging, yet it ultimately inspires reality. You are provided a window into the author’s comprehensive and provoking ideas, and it is your introduction to an alternative path in life.

The Cosmic Seed: Inherit The Earth

Times are changing. An alien space station is discovered orbiting Jupiter and an alien planet is maneuvering into orbit between Mars and Jupiter. An organization of alien planets claims domination over this solar system and have selected Henry Webster to represent Earth. The governments are not pleased, nor are the alien planets that do not belong to the organization.

Henry must battle governments, the intelligence communities, religious organizations and scheming aliens in a quest to decide who shall inherit the Earth.

But Henry’s greatest battle  is within himself. On the eve of obtaining great power, Henry must wrestle with his personal relationships and his own self-doubt as he strives to discover who he really is.

This story reveals the secret behind alien abductions, UFOs and the government cover-ups that began with Roswell. What is the secret of Area 51? Why do some abductees accept their abductions and some do not? What is the government hiding about alien abductions and UFOs? What do the aliens who abduct people want? What power do the aliens have over government leaders? Can mankind overcome the alien influences? In what way will your life change when the aliens finally reveal themselves? The answers to these questions may frighten you but definitely, they will change your life forever.

The Cosmic Seed: Binary Geneses

Henry Edward Webster discovers he is both human and alien and the subject of an experiment to change his own evolutionary path as well as that of Earth.

Having won his first battle against scheming aliens and treacherous human bureaucrats, Henry must now guide Earth toward a new renaissance to a new world that will include people from all over the universe. Word leaders, both government and religious, bathed in their own desire to rule, fight back using all of their tools: money, military and fear.

Henry’s struggle with a changing Earth parallels his own alien planet. Both worlds expose the chaos created by hate, fear and revenge. Henry’s emerging memories of his past clash with his human emotions-leading him to an unknown place.

Binary Geneses charts the path Earth must take to free itself and mold it’s own future. All of the elements seem to be working against humans. Will they win? Courage and tenacity are their best weapons. Dangerous and terrible decisions must be made and Henry must make them.

Henry’s odyssey to his alien homeworld reveals all the strengths and weaknesses of his people, as well as their fear for their own future.

Earth’s and Henry’s worlds must forge a new genesis that leads both to a future neither can envision.

The Cosmic Seed: The Thirteenth Universe

In this final episode, Part Three: The Thirteenth Universe, the race against time begins to close in on Earth and Henry as their enemies bring them face to face with the secret of the cosmos. Explore the emotions of a man among men, the awe of a man among gods, the arrogance of a god among men, and the eruption of a god among gods.

Included in this book is a glossary of names and terms used in the trilogy. The author hopes you will enjoy this odyssey into the world of words.



The Cosmic Seed Trilogy Companion

This Companion volume offers rich, in-depth supplementary background material and exclusive new information on the Cosmic Seed Trilogy. You will find a detailed explanation of the social stages of evolution of all species, including humans. Mysterious sources of alien civilizations will be revealed. The history and intent of the scientific alliance called the Fraternal Entente will be explained. Drawings of aliens, ships and the universe itself will enhance the readers comprehension of the story. The Companion fills in the gaps that may have frustrated the curious reader.

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