The Cosmic Seed

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Sample Glossary:

Archaeolatry (ar-ki-OL-a-tree) the center universe’s council of representatives [worship of anything archaic]

ALPHENIC (al-FEN-ik) female Navatar crew member of Gonos’ command ship; Philia’s wife [sugar candy]

Blenchen (BLENCH-en) Flarmas Navatar official responsible for Henry’s parents death [to be tricky or wily]

Cacodemon (kak-a-DEE-man) 5th level Navatar and fleet commander for Chthonian; son of Anabasis [an evil spirit or person]

Dendrophilous (den-DROF-i-lus) Deivirile girl in the 2nd stage [living in trees or tree loving]

Epideistic vilipensive characteristics (ep-i-dee-IS-tik) (vil-i-PEN-sive) mythical practices of early 1st stage primates designed to control populations [epidesitic: zealously religious; vilipensive; abusive]

Nurk (NURK) a strategic military trap set for the Azule [the worst pig in the litter]

Preterist Shift (PRET-er-ist) the theory that past-time travel would show only the frozen images of micro-seconds of time [one who lives in the past]

Satisdiction (sat-is-DIK-shun) [enough said or saying enough]

Vaccimulgence (vas-i-MUL-jense) a thick, creamy liquid that stops the burning of Piperitious Glycipricon [the act of cow milking or cow's milk]

Zoetic (zo-ET-ik) a Navatar military ship commander [pertinent to life; living; vital]

Many other terms and descriptions from The Cosmic Seed Trilogy are available in the full glossary section of Part Three: The Thirteenth Universe

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