The Cosmic Seed

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About The Author

Edward P. Fulco

Henry Edward Webster is a pseudonym for author/publisher Edward Philip Fulco. Because this fictional story is told in first-person autobiographical form, a pseudonym was necessary. This story was conceived in Mr. Fulco’s childhood and nurtured through his adulthood. His interest in history, government, and politics led to a degree in Political Science. He has been a teacher, businessman, investor, and husband of more than thirty years.

Few people are ever able to achieve a lifelong dream. Mr. Fulco considers himself very lucky to have been able to write this trilogy. He hopes this story will stimulate your thinking, delight your senses, and challenge your beliefs. It stands as a scenario of one possible future for Earth.

Mr. Fulco welcomes the controversy the subject of this trilogy brings to the public. He has little patience for UFO fakes, public and private debunkers, government cover-ups, or misinformation programs. It is Mr. Fulco’s hope that The Cosmic Seed Trilogy will excite the public interest in alien abductions and the UFO phenomenon. He welcomes questions about aliens, government involvement, UFO sightings, and people’s reaction to the subject.

The screenplay of The Cosmic Seed will follow the publication of the last volume of the trilogy. It is hoped that movies based on this story will reach a larger audience and produce even more discussions of the issues involved.

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