The Cosmic Seed

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The Universal Learning Concepts

The Universal Learning Concepts or ULCs are among the most important ideas expressed in The Cosmic Seed trilogy. From time to time I will expound on one or more of the concepts. Today I want to explain a bit about the first ULC, Be At Peace With Yourself.

There are many techniques to calm your mind. Some are expained in the Companion. But there is also the peace one has by accepting who he or she is. Know yourself. Study your actions, thoughts. Pay particular attention to your failures for they are the seeds of your successes. Failures should not be steps back but steps forward. You must be confident of your actions. You have to live your life with yourself, to live peacfully is better than living chaotically.

Speaking Events

By sharing my abduction experience and sightings I hope to expand the subjects of UFOs and alien adbuction. I will speak at your event or be part of a panel. It’s been sixty years since Roswell and our government is no closer to explaining their involment with UFOs than they were in 1947. The efforts by the UFO community have been pitiful and insignificant.  Some nameless bureaucrat claims CLASSIFIED  or some members of the press do a mocking gag report and the Congressmen or Senator head for the hills. It’s time for the UFO community to step up to the plate.

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